"Always and everywhere in the world, in all restaurants and hotels, there will be unsatisfied Clients. The difference with us is – that we pay attention..."

   In the beginning, nobody believed, that Bulgaria and specifically Burgas, is prepared for such an innovative project as Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz. For two years hard work, we managed to attract to Bulgaria in our city over 8 000 foreign tourists. Some of them came especially to do prophylaxis and treatment of various medical conditions, using the beneficial influence of Bulgarian medicinal clay. Almost 90 % of our Guests have given a very high estimate for the services and offered attention and over 50 % of them have already become regular Clients of our hotel. Bulgarian Black Sea Coast has over thousand buildings, classified as hotels. However to run and manage Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz is a great challenge and responsibility. Sometimes our Guests expect things that even they have not seen themselves. We strive to offer high level and synchronized servicing from the first welcome of our Guests, through providing excellent food and relax in the SPA Center. 

   We were the first to take the theater out of the usual framework and bring famous Bulgarian artists in the luxury surroundings of our Halls to perform in the so-called “Cafe Theater”. We continue to contribute to Burgas social life by introducing the world known Sushi Cuisine in our "Salini" Mediterranean restaurant. We organized concerts starring Bulgarian virtuosos on stage like Lili Ivanova and Vasil Naidenov. We started to apply world – renowned cosmetic products and technologies in our SPA Center that is spread over an area of 3000 sq.m. Listed above is only a small part of what is going on in Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz. What makes us different from other resorts is that our Guests can enjoy 7 km of Sea Garden, quietude and individual approach. We thank our Corporate partners and all that believe in us, all our Guests and Colleagues… We will continue to raise our standards for you.