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Upcoming events

Let`s Get Prim: Special night of Iberiаn cuisine and culture

Please feel welcomed this Friday, August 14, 2020 at 19:30 pm in the beautiful, summer garden of Salini Restaurant in Grand Hotel and SPA Primoretz, to enjoy the exciting Iberian cuisine.
Chef Krassimir Petrov and his team will open the pages of the culinary history of Spain and Portugal, "tell us stories" about seafood and exotic fishes, travelers and great geographers who brought bizarre products, spices and gastronomic temptations and will demonstrate their preparation with live cooking. The authentic atmosphere will be recreated by Spanish rhythms of acoustic guitars, captivating, hot and touching !
Enjoy the taste of Iberia by making your personal choice from a specially prepared menu for the evening, dedicated to the culinary traditions of Spain and Portugal !
Give yourself a real fiesta treat at the restaurant SALINI !

For reservations: 056/812345 /  0877850001



  • from 14august
  • to 14august



Проект и главна цел: Подкрепа чрез оборотен капитал за МСП, засегнати от временните противоепидемични мерки.

Бенефициент (предприятие получаващо подкреща): Булгариен Директ Райзен ЕООД.

Обща стойност на заявлението за подкрепа: 38 475.52лв.

Начало: 16.04.2021Край: 16.07.2021