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Port Prim Art Fest: Maria from Buenos Aires

Port Prim Art Fest: Maria from Buenos Aires


Port Prim Art Festival presents exclusively in Burgas a spectacular musical and dance - theater performance - "Maria from Buenos Aires" - the famous tango opera by Maestro Composer Astor Piazzola and the poem by Horasio Feber!

The premiere of "Maria from Buenos Aires" will take place on October 4 (Friday) at 7:30 pm at the State Opera Burgas. Soloists are Lucy Dyakovska (in the lead role), Momchil Karaivanov (tenor) and Zhivko Dzhuranov (narrator - actor) and Kaloyan Kumanov bandoneon. The conductor is Konstantin Dobroykov. The passionate story with biblical symbolism is reimagined through the eyes of director Veselka Kuncheva ("Lady Pika", "I, Sisyphus", "Embedding") into a visually breathtaking spectacle. The impressive choreography is directed by Yavor Kunchev, Marieta Golomehova was responsible for the set and costume design, and the translation is brought to you by Daniela Mesa. Orchestra, choir and ballet are from the State Opera Plovdiv.

Tickets for the world's first tango opera can be found at the Clock Office (opposite the Tourist Information Center).

"Maria of Buenos Aires" combines tango, poetry and classical music into an expressive multi-story tale of a woman seduced by tango music, Maria, who finds herself into the underworld of the Argentine capital. There, everything is tango, death, resurrection, poetic and musical images and paintings, parallels between the fate of the Virgin Mary and Mary from Buenos Aires, between purity and sin, love and hatred, death and life…

The tango was first shown to the public on May 8th, 1968 in Buenos Aires. Over the years, premieres have followed in the US, UK, Portugal, Australia, Russia, Sweden, Croatia and more. The premiere for Bulgaria launched in Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019. The audience applauded the artists for over ten minutes. This is the only tango opera to debut on the Bulgarian stage.

According to Goethe, duende is "a mysterious force that everyone feels, but no philosopher had yet explained." For Frederico Lorca, "... it is impossible to express any feeling if there is no duende". Feel “duende” yourself on October 4th (Friday) at 7:30 pm at the State Opera - Burgas. “Maria from Buenos Aires”, it is part of the Port Prim Art Fest 2019 events. The organizer of the cultural forum for the third consecutive year is Grand Hotel and SPA Primoretz with the support of Burgas Municipality.


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Проект и главна цел: Подкрепа чрез оборотен капитал за МСП, засегнати от временните противоепидемични мерки.

Бенефициент (предприятие получаващо подкреща): Булгариен Директ Райзен ЕООД.

Обща стойност на заявлението за подкрепа: 38 475.52лв.

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