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ART Gallery

ART Gallery

   Permanent exhibition – Bazaar of Artwork by the talented Bulgarian artist Pavel Mitkov is displayed in the Entrance Lobby of Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz. This area was chosen with attention taking into account the professionalism and excellent international reviews for the work of the young author. Behind his back, despite his tender age, Pavel Mitkov has 40 individual exhibitions in Europe and USA; Manila, Philippines (1998), Dubai, UAE (1998), Thessaloniki, Greece (2000), Budapest, Hungary (2002), Vienna, Austria (2003), Warsaw, Poland (2003), Washington, New York and Chicago, USA (2003-2004), Tokyo, Japan (2005) etc.

   He has paintings in many private collections such as deceased Pope John Paul II, His Majesty Prince Albert II – King of Belgium, Vladimir Putin, the Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov, Hillary Clinton. Every one of the paintings of the young artist is imbued with a great doze of realism and aesthetic value. Main influences upon his art are the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, City landscapes, the Flowers and Abstract artwork.   

   "The atmosphere of chic and the golden nuances prevailing in the Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz provoked me to create art to suit the style of the Five Star Bijou of Burgas”, said Pavel Mitkov. "I felt flattered by the proposal to establish a permanent exhibition – bazaar in Burgas similar to the permanent exhibitions I already have in the Czech Resort Karlovy Vary, in Berlin and New York. It is wonderful to have your own pier in such an artistic town as Burgas where I can return and create art”.