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Dream Wedding

Dream Wedding

We would be happy to turn your wedding into the wedding of your dreams! The wonderful furniture, indoors and outdoors, will contribute to the pleasant atmosphere of the most important day of your life. The Hotel garden, in combination with the Seaside Garden and the sound of the waves, is the ideal spot for your party. Your wedding day should be the most sparkling moment of your life - from the first dance until end of the night. That is why it should be perfect. Celebrate this day in our world of perfection!

Explore the halls

Classical Restaurant Primoretz

The restaurant can seat up to 150 people and is decorated in luxury, gold, classical elements with a terrace with 80 seats and an incredible sea view towards the hotel garden, sea and pools.

On-site Wedding Ritual

The garden of Grand Hotel Primoretz and the special arch made by brass and plated with gold, erected on the seashore and connecting the hotel garden with the sea gardens as well as the multifunctional gardens of the hotel, present a beautiful location for your ceremony.

The hotel accommodates on –site wedding rituals. The newly weds can choose between several locations – Primoretz restaurant, the Garden or the Lobby of the hotel.


The hotel team can offer newlyweds a rich folklore program, grand piano or violin performances. If requested by the newlyweds, the hotel can invite different artists, bands or groups. Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz works with all performers and has preferential rates when it comes to pricing.


*Wedding decoration of the hall and guest tables. The decoration includes flowers, candelabras, tablecloths, slipcovers for chairs, ribbons,wedding accessories;
*Decorating the bride / groom wedding table;
*Wedding greetings;
*Name plates and menus on tables;
*Layout with the seating arrangement in the hall; The hotel provides all other services necessary for organizing the wedding and is entirely open to the requirements of the guests.

Primoretz Classical Restaurant