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Discover Burgas

House-museum "Petya Dubarova"

Being a symbol of Burgas with its original poetic works, impressions, tales and stories, Petya Dubarova is one of the forever young artists of Bulgaria. She was born in 1962, and barely 17 years of age ends her life. This sad ending, however, fails to erase the memory of Petya's talent and it remains not only in history but also in the hearts of the citizens of Burgas with their works in which the eternal human values ​​are embodied - the sea, the summer, the youth, the love, the poetry.

The appearance of the Petya Dubarova House Museum is a natural consequence of the desire of people to touch the authentic spirit of the atmosphere in which the poet has created. In the house where Petya lived, one can see both different scientific expositions and the authentic-reproduced personal room of the poet.

Apart from its museum character, the house is also known for its many events, which annually saturate and enrich the cultural calendar of the city - the National Literary Competition "Petya Dubarova" Summer Workshop where young poets meet and work with some of the most prominent artists of contemporary Bulgarian literature, etc. The house of Petya Dubarova is visited by literary museums all over the country, literary readings and presentations of newly published books by contemporary Bulgarian poets and writers as well as literary-science conferences.

If you want to touch the authentic poetic spirit of Burgas, do not miss to visit the Petya Dubarova House Museum.