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Discover Burgas

The Sea Garden of Burgas

If you ask around Burgas which is the most romantic place, most of the people would tell you it’s the Sea Garden. The Seaside Park is not just a park by the seaside, it’s the heart of the city, the muse and inspiration of generations of artists, poets, and musicians; it’s been the stage of a thousand love stories. The Seaside Park was built back in 1910 by the landscaper Georgi Duhtev who turned the bare windy are between the city and the sea into one of the most beautiful parks in Bulgaria. His passion for exotic plants brought hundreds of plant species to the park from all continents; they bring an exotic atmosphere to the park even today. The old part of the Seaside Park has been established as a monument of park art. The park spreads over 600 decres and is more than 5 kilometres long. You will need a few hours if you want to walk around it. Enchanted by the beautiful view, you will walk past the colourful and refreshing fountains, telling the city story with its sprays, past the Sea Casino which is now both a culture centre and a favourite place for leisurely activities. Here you will find the Summer Theatre which gathers thousands of visitors and locals throughout the summer season. Further on along the alleys, among the greeneries, past the sweet corn and ice cream stalls, you will find the domes of the Flora, famous for its annual international flower show. Emotions, sea, love, calm, ness or freshness – whatever you’re looking for, you will find it in the Sea Garden of Burgas.