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24.02.2018: Plastic Surgery Consultations with Dr. Angel Enchev

Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz initiated the tradition to invite famous Bulgarian and foreign specialists from different fields of medicine to visit the hotel and thus give access to people from the district and hotel guests to firstrate medical services and consultations.

Dr. Angel Enchev was born in the town of Plovdiv in 1970. In 1988, he graduated high school in his hometown and for the period 1990 - 1996 studied and graduated with honors the Medical University, town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In 1997, he went to Greece where he successfully graduated with a degree in Medicine before DI.K.A.T.S.A.
His postgraduate qualification and medical internship were carried out in the following hospitals:

  • From 1998-2000 - Specialization in General Surgery – Hospital “Agia Varvara” Athens, as foreign scholarship student;
  • From 21.12.2001 - 20.12.2005 – “Agios Savvas” Hospital, Athens, works as foreign scholarship student in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Ward;
  • From 20.05.2004 – 19.11.2004 - takes part in the educational program of the Urological Ward of “Agios Savvas” Hospital, Athens;
  • From 16.05.2005 – 15.11.2005 - takes a six-month course in Pediatric Surgery in “Agios Savvas” Hospital, Athens;


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