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Discover Burgas

Museum of Aviation

The newest attraction of Burgas Municipality is located at the entrance of Bourgas Airport and is in close proximity to Sarafovo. Every visitor can get there by public transport bus, bicycle or private car, ensuring safe and easy access to everything.

All guests have the opportunity to explore the newly-built exhibition park and discover the secrets of the "exhibits that come alive". With virtual reality goggles, they can take on the role of a pilot and manage their chosen aircraft. Impressive is the interactive exposition under the name Homo Volans (The Flying Man), made by the stage designer Venelin Shurelov. It is the main indoor exhibition space, located in the only AN-12 aircraft left in Bulgaria. The exhibition aims to recreate the aviation technique through a multitude of curious authentic objects, a rich collection of aircraft models, author's objects and costumes, interactive installations and archives from aviation history.

Visitors have the opportunity to sit in the cockpit of the world's most popular single-engine dual plane planes, to feel close to the effect of a powered airplane engine, to get a real black box of airplane and navigation devices designed to complement the experience.

The old airplanes, located at Bourgas Airport, have recently been amortized and unavailable. The idea to become part of an open air air museum has been in existence since 1998, when the first museum of aviation for Burgas was opened. In 2005 the exhibition closed doors and the airplanes remained idle. In 2012, with the task of their preservation, the Municipality of Bourgas and the awake citizens took part, who together started the small steps for the restoration of the unique exposition. Over the years, the exhibition "Old Airplanes" has become an attractive spot for both locals and tourists who travel there from year to year. It established itself as the only exposition with airplanes that were part of the BGA Balkan fleet - An-2, An-12, An-14, An-24, Tu-154.

Avimuszee Bourgas was opened on June 29, 2017, when 70 years of the first civil flight in Bulgaria took place: Sofia - Burgas. Avimuszee Bourgas aims to develop as a center for exploring the aviation technique and nurturing a people's love for aviation.