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Discover Burgas

St. Anastasia Island

St. Anastasia Island is located in the Burgas Bay in the Black Sea. It is surrounded by mystery and there are hundreds of legends and stories about it. One of the most famous legends is about the pirates who attacked the island at the time when it was housing a monastery. The monks hid in the church and prayed to Saint Anastasia to help them and save them from the raid. She heard their prayers and sent a fearsome storm which broke the pirate ship in two. Even until today, the remains of the ship are fossilised in a rock, which every island visitor can see. It is believed that the reason for the pirate raids was a golden treasure, buried on the island and protected by the ghost of a dead pirate. You can get there by boat, leaving from the Sea station Burgas. How to get to Port Burgas? The entrance to the area for free access of Port Burgas is located 5 minutes walk from the harbor entrance along the street "Knyaz Alexander Battenberg." The Marine Station can be reached on foot and by car and the Free access zone is situated in the end of the Seaside Park. Time of departure: 10:00 am; 11:30 am; 13:30 pm; 15:00 pm; 17:00 pm. When you arrive you will see a healing place, offering wonder-working herbs and potions from old recipes, medieval monastery cell, where you can stay overnight, a restaurant with authentic Burgas meals from old recipes…all this in the most romantic place in the Burgas Bay – St. Anastasia Island.Work time: Monday – Sunday from 10:00 am to 20:00 pm.